Session Preparation + Frequently Asked Questions



When is the preferred time for pregnancy photos?

Secure a session booking for within your third trimester. Majority feel comfortable having them done prior to 38 weeks. I recommend between 30 and 36 weeks. 

What do I bring?

Keep it simple. Bump is the focus. Lace dresses, sheer tops, plain singlets, maxi dresses, black leggings for comfort if studio lighting is the style you prefer. You can always bring a few options and we can choose a style on the day. Hair and makeup detail can take the photos to another level. Why not get pampered before your session and come photo ready!

How long does it take?

Depending on whether it is indoor or outdoor or both and if there's other family members  included typically 1-2 hours.


When should we book our session?

Due to high demand I suggest clients book whilst they are still pregnant in order to secure a spot. If you have just had a baby and would like to know availability please contact me.

How old should my baby be?

If sleepy poses are what you dream of within the first 2 weeks baby is more likely to stay asleep whilst being posed and nudie. As they get older the more alert and awake they are during posing. If capturing their character is what you'd prefer 3 months is a time when they will smile when entertained and pull quirky expressions.

What do we wear?

Black, white or grey colour options are most popular because the baby is so small and by wearing something neutral the focus remains on the baby and your faces. Refer to gallery images for ideas. 

What do I need to bring for baby?

Blankets, backdrops & wraps are provided as newborns are best wrapped to avoid the bulk of outfits.

Milestone + Family

4 - 12months

Milestone sessions are the perfect way to document the development and growth of you baby. Sitting up, waving, crawling, playing, interacting and all the changing expressions. So many clients return for a 1 year birthday session. You won't regret capturing the time in-between Newborn and 1year. Particularly the 8 - 11month mark you will find them sitting up and crawling, this is the most adorable time to capture their personalities.

What do we bring?

A variety of outfit options and favourite toys. You could even involve your pets!


The time of year you have your session and whether it's indoor or outdoor will inform your styling options. For the cooler months layers and neutral tones ensure focus is maintained on the face. In the warmer months citrus colours and neutrals allow the skin to glow, try to avoid heavy patterns logos.

In home

Sessions in the comfort of your own home. Backdrops and studio lights are brought on location. If you want to showcase your nursery or have a light filled space in the hallway or bedroom that you would like incorporated in the shoot please have those spaces photo ready.


Similar style and colour combinations work well but they don't have to match. Avoid   patterns and logos. 

Denim, singlets, tutu skirts, summer dresses and jumpsuits, bloomers, hoodies, beanies and favourite toys.

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