Your journey... inspired!

This workshop experience has been tailored to inform & inspire. To foster connection and nurture growth. 

With expansive industry experience in Design and Photography, Sarah has programmed a workshop that will guide Photographers on their journey & assist them in identifying ways to evolve... not only as a business but as a creative. 

As a result of Sarah's Mastery of light, her work is in high demand across Sydney and interstate.

Join Sarah & learn from her Live Newborn Demonstration, where she will also present tips and tricks on creating those perfect macro captures. 

To register your interest, please fill in the details below. Seats are limited as Sarah believes it cultivates an intimate experience that enables true and honest connection. Take part in an immersive learning opportunity, Sarah will coach you & your brand to make that next move! 

Your journey, inspired!

Registrations open//

Brisbane  / Melbourne / Sydney

Please advise us of your location. 

1:1 International Coaching opportunities //MAY 2023

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